Tuesday Tips with Tsutsumi


1 Travis Garland

In my opinion, Travis Garland is a very talented (and super underrated ) artist who should get more attention for his music. The 24 – year-old from Texas have the most catchy songs , and I think everyone should listen to this gifted HUNK . My favorite song from the debut album of his that dropped last year ‘s song is ” Where To Land”
2 New Girl

Just after Christmas Eve my friends and I tend to spend the evening in our warm blankets and have a chick flick marathon . After countless hours in front of the TV, we have concluded that New Girl is the favorite. Just freaking epic! Many will sure feel themselves having similar fun situations, and not to mention it’s incredibly easy to relate to the characters . Jess ( Zooey Deschanel ) have a super bubbly personality, and I never get tired of keeping up with the hectic / comic life she lives with Nick, Schmidt and Winston .


3 Candle !

I do love me a good candle ! I’ve been really hooked on scented candles lately. I love walking into a room that has its own scent . It is so relaxing (not to mention comfortable) to be in a room that smells good . I bet many who read 730’webpage seems scented candle is quite feminine , but quite frankly : If I had gone into the room to a guy where fragrance candles stood burning, I wouldn’t be thinking anything else other than that the room smells good . Scented candles are very charming, and I think everyone should have it just to jazz up the mood in the room or apartment.



3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips with Tsutsumi

  1. Hei!
    Har lest tidligere på bloggen din at dere spiser på restauranter gaanske ofte, og tenkte jeg kunne anbefale en til dere! Den heter The Hot Spot og ligger på Majorstua:) Utrooolig god asiatisk mat! Haahaha, random, men tenkte dere ville prøve noe nytt. Hilsen en fast leser som eelsker bloggen & stilen deres.

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