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We figured out that we should do question rounds more regularly to keep the blog updated. Every week I will start to post a few of the questions that apply to both of us. So here are a few frequently asked questions answered by Giggles 🙂

Why do you have an american accent when speaking english?  
– Our english teachers had an american accent, all the media entertainment are done by people with american accents, so our english are influenced by that. Tsutsumi gets a lot of her english knowledge from watching different beauty guru channels on Youtube. All the beauty bloggers speak english, so in order for her to understand what they’re saying she kind of just pay really good attention to it and picks up fast on the words.
Have you ever been to the United States? 
– Yes, we have visited the States three times. The first time was in 2007, and then we went there in 2009 and 2011 as well. It was all during Christmas and New Years. We visited a lot of places such as San Fransisco, San Diego and Las Vegas, but stayed most of the time in Los Angeles where we went to Hollywood and Disney Land 🙂
Bilde tatt 21.11.13 kl. 17.20 #6 kopi
If you’re born and raised in Norway, why are you fluent in english? What have u done for it?
– We’re definetly not fluent in the language, but happens to really enjoy communicating with it. We haven’t done anything special other than reading books in english, watching a lot of movies without subtitles, listening to music and browsed the internet. The language is international and widely known and understood, so it has always been very important for us to learn it because of the many opportunities that it provides.
What editors and apps do you and Tsutsumi use to edit your pictures? 
– This is a question that we receive almost daily. We use several apps, and we use the same ones.
Instagram – Valencia, Hudson & Mayfair
Weheartpics – Hay, Savannah, Albion & Moonlit – Easy & quick editing on the computer. The app is called Pixlromatic.
VSCOCAM – I adore this app. The pictures turns out really great, and you get a vintage retro kind of look to it. Almost all my recent pictures are from this app. Big reccomendation!
Other than that, we have the Photoshop program that we use to enhance the quality, making the picture brighter etc.
Bilde tatt 04.01.14 kl. 21.07

What kind of lashes do you use? Do you wear false lashes every day? Because even if you reuse your false lashes, you have to have like tons of them at home, if you wear them every day – Model no.21 Fashion Lashes in size 8, 4D and 18. Not everyday, but regularly, yes. We do have tons of fake lashes stored at home that we got during our trip to Vietnam! 1500 pairs 🙂

Do you cut your fake lashes shorter or do you just leave them as they are?
– Yes, we cut them shorter on the edges. You should not cut on the length, or else it will look really fake due to lashes elasticity.
Do you know where to buy your false lashes online and have you ever bought them online?
– We haven’t bought any of our lashes online, so we don’t really know. I wouldn’t recommend you to buy lashes from H&M or other retail stores though. They are pretty expensive for only a pair, so if you ever visit Asia you should definitely stack up a bunch of lashes for future use.

7 thoughts on “Questions? Just Ask

  1. Can you do a post on your makeup please?:) it’s gorgeous I really want to know what lip colour tsutsumi uses and what bronzer Alexandra uses. Oh and tsutsumi’s hair is lovely where or how did she get it done?

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