Vixen Blog Awards are once again throwing an award made especially in honor for the bloggers. Wednesday evening was duked at the Edderkoppen Theater were a lot of young and matured bloggers, press, celebrities as well as fashion entusiasts attended. We attended the same event for the first time last year and had as always a very good and fun experience. Compared to last year where everything was pretty much better organized and systematic, this event was kind of in a rush but since we were in very good company the night turned out to be a blast.  




20140127-130528.jpgPartying with the Vine King Halvorsen 20140127-130536.jpg



20140127-130643.jpgIt’s a blur

20140127-130720.jpgBeautiful Angelica Blicks and Hoangsters 20140127-130730.jpgThe fab girls from 730.NO 20140127-130747.jpgFacehunter and Tsutsumi 20140127-130756.jpgThe greatest My Little Pony duo that was the DJ at Vixen & Costume Awards 20140127-130803.jpg

Major Congratulations to our friend Chris Le for winning Male Blogger Of The Year! You’ll find his blog here

20140127-130426.jpgOur outfits for the evening! 20140127-130433.jpg


One thought on “VIXEN BLOG AWARDS

  1. Have u ever seen a person that is unbeliveable beautiful? The person is so beautiful that even though he/she tries to be ugly, it would never work. You really want to write to this person but you are scared because you know she or he is waaaaaay out of your league. But you should write… Becouse even if she doesn’t reply to you, you made an effort, and that is what counts, and gives you the force to try again, but maybe after a while, just to show him or her that you still think she/he is from a place far away from this planet…

    I just took that step… After thinking it trough for a month.

    Hilsen, en svensk kille i oslo som klipper sig hos hairdo & hk. I cant tell you more… Xoxo

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