The perks of being double

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Mineral Foundation in the shade Caramel from Da Vinci Cosmetics. We used the products yesterday during Julie Bergan event and it did wonders when it came to the contouring of our face. The size may be small, but the powder contains a lot of pigments which enhance the quality. We have never really used foundation before due to the rumors about it being bad to our skin and clogging our pores etc. – but the result was very natural and didn’t feel heavy on the face at all. You’ll get it at the Beauty Inn Salon 🙂


One thought on “The perks of being double

  1. Hi! first of all OM GOOOOOSH you two are so freakin pretty, cute, beautiful etc etc!! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT!! you two seem like such cute and nice girls, and I just love your style, both of you are really inspiring. I really love everything about your style and beautiful face and hair!
    I’m so inspired by you two and I juste feel like wearing heels and nice clothes all day err day! even though sweden is kind of a boring country where people doesn’t really have the courage to wear whatever they like.

    I wounder if you two could make a makeup tutorial or something like that? 🙂
    it would make me so happy! 😀
    and have you two ever thought abou doing a youtube channel for beauty/fashion? 🙂 that would really be so cool!

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