My Valentine’s Day ♥♥


Ah, my man truly makes me the happiest. I was lucky enough to get asked to be his Valentine and we spent the evening at Alex Sushi just a couple of days afterwards. I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for all that is cliche, so I definitely looked forward to this particular day.


Alex Sushi is considered to be the best Sushi place in Norway, and boy were they right?! My Mr.Charmer chose the triple X menu for the evening so a seven course meal was expected during the 2,5 hours we were there. We sat around the sushi bar with the asian chefs prepping our food in the middle. I recommend you to try the lobster tail, definitely my favorite – so mouthwatering! Great atmosphere and definitely a very nice experience for Valentine’s.


Teddy bear, a bouquet of red long stemmed roses and fancy dinner – but all that can’t beat the laughter I get from being in his lovely company everyday♡ I couldn’t be happier that I shared it with someone I truly care about and gives me the wings of a butterfly. 


Thank you for buying me sushi whenever I’m about to starve at work (happens way to often), being the perfect conversation partner, the surprise coffee visits from Starbucks that always makes me oh-so-lonely days better, keepin’ up with my whining and telling me how beautiful I am even when I feel like a potatoe-head. Thank you for being you♥


What did you do on Valentine’s Day? Single or taken, I hope you enjoyed yourselves 🙂

– Alexandra



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