Crêperie de Mari


With just approximately 5minute streetcar from centrum to «Schous Plass», you’ll find our recommendation of the week: Crêperie de Mari ❤ Sweet and great atmosphere to eat Crepe can be found at this place. The menu has a good variation and you can choose salt or sweet crepe depending on whether you want a dessert for lunch, or a nice dinner. 


If you choose their specialty, Creperie de Mari like us, you’ll get a strawberry x nutella heaven filled with  ice-cream, coconut and whipped cream on the side. They could have put less of the nutella, but it was super yummy either way!


We also tried Chicken & Pesto for the dinner crepe, and this meal took delicious to a whole new level.

20140304-132508.jpg20140304-132520.jpgThis is a great place to lunch with your significant other, or a small circle of friends. It’s pretty tiny and intimate and the staff are very sweet and quick with bringing out the orders. Definitely a place that we’ll visit often.



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