Alex Sushi ♕

Wednesday evening was spent at the legendary Alex Sushi. Tsutsumi and I met up at Wayne’s Coffee for a cozy chat with our bubbles Elizabeth and Ellen, before we went over to the restaurant and had an informal meeting with My & Tram from Beauty Inn Salon. We were in sweet & fun company for approximately three hours and had the most delicious sushi meal provided by the chefs. Alex Sushi never goes wrong, you’ll get the world’s greatest sushi here! 20140305-221041.jpg20140305-221056.jpg20140305-221109.jpg20140305-221127.jpg20140305-221135.jpg20140305-221141.jpg20140305-221150.jpg20140305-221204.jpg20140305-221225.jpg20140305-221232.jpg20140305-221239.jpg20140305-221247.jpg20140305-221301.jpg20140305-221312.jpg20140305-221323.jpg20140305-221335.jpg20140305-221417.jpg


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