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Yesterday, Tsutsumi and I did something that we’ve always wanted to do for a really long time: Get ourselves lash extensions. After our sushidate with the founder of Beauty Inn, it took two days before we were back to the salon for our bookings. We’ve always wanted to try out lash extensions, but never really proceeded on our wish due to all the frightening rumors about losing all natural lashes and major allergy reactions etc. so we kind of just lived on our falsies. We’ve actually bought 150 packages (that’s 1500 pairs!) of falsies during our trip to Vietnam last summer so it’s definitely a thrill to be able to stop using it at least for now. If you think about doing it, then we’ll suggest you to just grab the opportunity and call Beauty Inn. Know that you’re in good hands.


I woke up like thisss. I woke up like thissssss

My experience:

My applier was a very sweet lady with over ten years of experience in beauty. Danielle had such a bubbly persona and the most fluttery lashes. After a small chat we chose a new set of bold and volumized lashes. She started out by applying tape under my eyes, which I found a bit uncomfortable. It took about two hours and started off pretty well, and I almost fell asleep during the process. But towards the end it started to hurt really bad due to the fact that the applier applied really long lashes on the outer corner of my eyes to get the butterfly effect, but that spot was also where my lashes were the shortest. It was awful and I teared up big time. I didn’t think my eyes were that sensitive to the glue, due to the fact that I have always seen myself to have a high pain tolerance, but it felt like someone was pinching me.. repeatedly. Lol. Beauty is pain!


Besides that, oh finally! I’ve been wanting this for the longest time, and now that I finally have it? The feeling of freshness is surreal. They’re so long and volumized, sooo pretty! As for now, I’m super satisfied with the results and have absolutely no allergy reactions from it. They’re not heavy on the eyelids, and the length gives the look a more dramatic and sensual feeling.

Tsutsumi’s experience:

Tsutsumi’s lash extensions were done by the faboulous Tri Dinh Le (you might already know him from social media here) He gave her a natural & flattering set of lashes with a cat winged effect. Compared to me, she felt absolutely nothing during the entire two hour process and was very satisfied with the results. It looked really natural on her and the length were perfect. After our set was done he told us how to take care of them, which makeup products we should withstand from, oil-based makeup etc. If you want perfect lashes, you should get in touch with Beauty Inn and ask after him. Beauty and fashion is his true religion, and it was a thrill to meet someone with such a unique and admiring personality.


So as you can see, our experiences are a bit different, but the results were all in all pretty similar. The typical asians have short lashes, which mean that they may be pretty weak as my outer lashes are – which again means that it won’t hold on to the lash extension as well and make you lose it faster. Keep the lashes natural, and you’re good to go. They also told us that the lashes are supposed to last at least five weeks, but we will update you when we’re back with a question round regarding lash extensions, so feel free to comment or mail us your concerns and we will answer everything you need to know ❤ What we’re unsure of, will be answered with the help from Beauty Inn.

Thank you beautiful Beauty Inn for our flattering lashes! We’re totally ready for our trip to Los Angeles! 

The set of volume & bold lashes costs 1500 NOK and can be done at Beauty Inn Sagene 

The set of natural lashes cost 1200 NOK and can be done at Beauty Inn Akersgata 

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One thought on “LASH EXTENSIONS ❤

  1. When I had mine, my lashes fell off (literally all of it) along with the fake ones after a month… Same goes to my cousin, and not the same salon from mine.

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