Alexandra and I received this beautiful package from FLORALPUNK yesterday. Floralpunk is  a small netshop, runned by the gorgeous Julia and almost all her accessories are limited edition. The pieces are specifically chosen by her which reflects her chic and sophisticated personality. We chose six pairs that we found the most appealing and will make sure to bring them with us to LA! 20140308-162408.jpg20140308-162359.jpg

I on the other hand also received one more package from STYLEADDICT. Australian Fashion never fails to amaze me. Fingers crossed for beautiful weather and great locations to shoot these two beautiful playsuits!




Other than that, we’re also thinking about buying a compact camera since our DSLR Canon 550d is really heavy and inconvenient for us to drag along everywhere we go. Alexandra has heard a lot of positive remarks about the Canon Powershot G16, have you heard about it?



One thought on “NEW IN

  1. Gleder meg masse til å lese om turen deres! Men annbefaler dere leiebil hvis dere har muligheten 🙂 Har dere foresten vurdert Samsung NX1000? Langt i fra like bra som speilrefleks, men enkelt i bruk og veldig lett. Bruker det selv, og vet toppblogger Eirin K. gjør det samme 😉


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