Hollister fun

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The most epic thing happened at Westminster Mall today! Tsutsumi, mom and I were walking around in Hollister minding our own business when I suddenly felt like someone was staring at me. And, boy was I right. A tall blonde guy that honestly looked straight from a magazine kept asking me whether I needed anything, or if we found what we were looking for. After a few awkward glances shared between us a sudden thought popped in my head: “maybe he thinks I’m about to steal” Lol. Not many seconds after he approach me and the conversation goes like this:

“Hi, I’m the manager here. I was wondering if you would consider working for us here at Hollister?

“Uhm.. no.”  and in my head I start to go all *Oh my fucking god*

“Why not?

“I’m here on vacation”

“Oh, where are you coming from?”


“I see, you should definitely check out one of our stores there!” *smiles like the model he is and walks away*

Was this really happening?! The manager came from nowhere and asked me – a foreigner if I wanted to work for them. So bizarre feeling and my mood was glued to a rocket aiming for the moon. I was so happy-go-lucky I would have bought the whole store if I had the opportunity to do so. That honestly made my day, what a great feeling!

IMG_8932 copyIMG_8923 copyIMG_8947 copyIMG_8931 copyIMG_8946 copy

Top: BikBok Skirt: ZARA Purse: Sorbet Watch: Marc Jacobs Earrings: FLORALPUNK.COM


2 thoughts on “Hollister fun

  1. You look beautiful!! And haha what a great thing that must have been to hear 😀

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