Hi hobbits!

So we started the day by taking the bus to Westminster Mall and spent our entire first day here. Compared to South Coast Plaza and the other malls that we’ve visited before, Westminster Mall isn’t the biggest and most crowded, but it had Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Bath & Body works, footlocker & Macy’s so no complains and the customer service was really good too! Panda express is our air and after two years of nothing as fattening as that we ordered the biggest meal to share.

IMG_8979 copyIMG_8974 copyIMG_8976 copyIMG_8981 copyIMG_8984 copyIMG_8985 copyIMG_8987 copyIMG_8988 copyIMG_8989 copyIMG_8990 copyIMG_9005 copyIMG_9006 copyIMG_9011 copyIMG_9015 copyIMG_9023 copyIMG_9025 copyIMG_9026 copyIMG_9033 copy IMG_9044 copyIMG_9052 copy

Alexandra’s outfit:

Top: BikBok Skirt: Zara Shoes: BikBok Earrings: FloralPunk Watch: Marc Jacobs Purse: Sorbet Sunglasses: ZeroUv

Tsutsumi’s outfit:

Blazer: Gina Tricot Sunglasses: ZeroUv Skirt: Suite Blanco Earrings: Floralpunk


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