It’s always been Orange County, lol

Haha, so we just found out recently that we’re not actually staying in Los Angeles. The area we’re staying at is called Orange County. We will be visiting Los Angeles on Friday if things go as planned. This is our fourth time visiting California, so you can say it’s pretty awkward that we’re still unsure where we’re staying at.

IMG_9066 copyIMG_9084 copyIMG_9087 copyIMG_9101 copyIMG_9104 copyIMG_9115 copy

Thank you guys so much for all the tips of places to visit and asks about meetups ect. You guys are so sweet, we see your comments and it’s super fun that you recognize us when we wander around places like south coast plaza, but it would be even better  if you come and say hi! We’ll be visiting SnowMonster near Brookhurst (?) later tonight, join if you want ❤ We have four more days to go before we head back to Norway.


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