The City of Los Angeles

We started our Friday morning with a delicious brunch at Urth Cafe in Downtown LA. One thing that came to my mind was the amount of koreans that visited the place. It was fascinating how urban the shop was, and the delicious green lattes that they made. Very cozy place! Right after Brunch we proceeded onto the desserts and ended up at Beverly Hills popular MILK spot where we tried out ice-cream macaroons! ahh, what a heavenly masterpiece.

After eating we walked the streets of Beverly Hills, visited the Beverly Mall and the oh-so-famous LACMA (as seen in many hollywood productions) and took our outfit pictures. We ended our productive day at Griffith Observatory to get a glance of the city of Los Angeles and took a trip to Fat Sal’s for the biggest one thousand calorie bomb. Splendid day!

IMG_0497 copyIMG_0472 copy

IMG_0485 copyIMG_0494 copyIMG_0402 copyIMG_0442 copyIMG_0420 copyIMG_0490 copyIMG_0664 copyIMG_0666 copyIMG_0667 copyIMG_0668 copyIMG_0618 copyIMG_0624 copyIMG_0642 copyIMG_0644 copyIMG_0654 copyIMG_0651 copyIMG_0648 copyIMG_0705 copyIMG_0707 copyIMG_0739 copyIMG_0752 copyIMG_0767 copyIMG_0773 copy


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