shabby dabby umami

On our sixth day we traveled around orange county and ate at all the places that you reccomended. Boy was it good! Joe’s Italian Icecream was super yummy, I miss it already! Umami Burger had nearly one hour wait so we went to The Lab Antimall to hang in the meanwhile. It turned out to be quite the hipsterplace – I freakin loved it. Hipster child at heart? Or just damn keen on delicious hunks with cool bandtees and Herschel backpacks? When The Lab Antimall is the place to be! Everyone is dressed like they are in Coachella. The interior is very unique with cool shops and of course my favorite store Urban Outfitters! If you are more keen on vintage, there are several awesome hand shops in the area. Cool hang-out place for cool people! After eating the tasty burgers we went to Friendly Donuts for cronuts and purple donuts. Super funny day, and a lot of inside jokes shared.

IMG_0819 copyIMG_0799 copy IMG_0817 copy IMG_0811 copy IMG_0796 copy IMG_0820 copyIMG_0831 copy IMG_0836 copy IMG_0830 copy IMG_0839 copy IMG_0842 copy IMG_0843 copy IMG_0845 copy IMG_0846 copy IMG_0837 copy IMG_0870 copy IMG_0873 copy IMG_0880 copy IMG_0889 copy IMG_0897 copy IMG_0892 copy IMG_0908 copy


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