Birthday Celeb. at Nodee

20140327-232956.jpg20140327-233023.jpg20140327-233046.jpgTwo weekends ago my Mr.Charmer turned 23, and we celebrated his birthday along with his best friends at an asian restaurant named Nodee. I paid a visit to the place during my mom’s birthday last year, and I was not satisfied over the visit at all. We booked a table for two hours and almost nothing was served until it was 45minutes left. I strongly believe they forgot our table since other people that came after us got served first. We only got two sips of the tea they served before they told us that another party was coming. Bad enough that they were late on the servings, but extremely rude for rushing us as well.

This time was different. The wait wasn’t as long, the service was brilliant and the atmosphere was good and intimate. The hosts for the night ordered Wagyu Deluxe and Icebear roll and finished it off with Crispy Duck for the main course. This was my first time tasting sushi at Nodee, and I have nothing but positive feedbacks about it. Crispy Duck never fails to amaze me, and the sushi was heavenly good! During the meal I left the table to tell our waitress about our three birthday kids. Did you know that if you celebrate your birthday at Nodee you’ll get free desserts? Or, at least you’ll get super nice fireworks to it!



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