Mr. Bay ✿✿

IMG_1021 copy

If there is one place that I’ll never get tired of, then Mr.Bay must be it. Not many months ago they started with a new concept where different korean meals like bulgogi was now part of their menu at Mr.Bay Lysaker. The view from this restaurant is beautiful, where else besides Tjuvholmen can you get a chance to see such beautiful nature while you eat the greatest asian food? There isn’t many places in Norway where Korean food is served, and after a visit at Gen Korean BBQ in Orange County; the thirst for a good korean meal was mad real.

Korean food has a special flavour to it, it doesn’t matter if you have never tasted it before – Just pay a visit to Mr.Bay, the waitresses there will help you out! My reccomendation is the traditional korean courses, bulgogi and bibimbap. If you order the bulgogi course the waitress will put up a small but very exciting show that makes you go *OOuuhhh* You have to pay a visit to see for yourselves, but I can guarantee it’s a pretty smokey view and have a very awesome taste to it!

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