Touch-Ups at Beauty Inn! ❤


After a couple of weeks of having eyelash extensions, it was about time for Tsutsumi and I to refill our extensions at Beauty Inn!


I can’t tell you enough how big of a timesaver lash extensions have been. Usually, our eye make-up consist of falsies, several coats of mascara, eyeshadow, and bold eyeliner, but now that we have our extensions, everything is easy maintained. I only have to apply powder, blush and a good lipstick, and I’m ready to head out. It saves me so much time and it’s such a thrill to be able to go to sleep at the end of the day without having to worry about removing the eye-makeup. It’s amazing how much they can handle and still look dazzling. I had a flu right before leaving for america and my eyes teared up a lot. But despite the continuous eye-rubbing and tears, my lashes were fully intact.


Eyelash extensions comes in many different lengths and thickness. Originally, I had something called J-curls which made my eyes look tired and they were heavy on the eyes. J-curls are just the same as the letter, the lashes are long and curly at the ends. When our applier, Tri, saw my lashes, he changed over to the same (D)curls as Tsutsumi, and it did wonders. It was a mix of J-Curls and D-curls which suited the typical asian eyes much more and gave it a more flattering look. My eyes felt more open and bolder with the new curls, and Tri worked so fast it felt like the touch-ups was a completely new set.


All lashes are different and it will vary on it’s ability to carry the extension that are applied on the natural lashes. Yes, eyelash extensions costs a lot of money, but it’s definitely worth it! The finished look should be natural, so you should always get the applier to determine what lashes that suits you. If they’re unsure, then steer away from that applier. Getting lash extensions shouldn’t hurt and compared to last time, I gained no pain from this. It was fun and relaxing during the whole time I laid down. The only part of the process where I felt uncomfortable where at the very start when my lower lashes was taped up so that the glue wouldn’t stick itself to them.


The process is a two-hour concentrated job, and the fact that it’s your eyes enhances the importance of precision. What you need is an experienced professional who knows what they’re doing, and I recommend everyone to do this – especially for special occasions. The results are truly amazing, and we are definitely hooked!


If you want the exact same lashes as us, contact Beauty Inn at 976 14 254


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