✿ Questions & Answers ✿

Hi guys! How are you doing today? It’s been forever since we did a question round so Tsutsumi and I have spent the last hours answering some quick questions that’s been on your lovely minds. Thank you for all the sweet messages! We’ve read every single one of them and we really appreciate it, thank you 🙂 

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Hi! I’m from Holland and I follow both of you on instagram. You guys are seriously so pretty! And not only from the outside, you guys are really friendly and although I don’t know you at all, it seems like you both really have a good heart. I love your pictures and you guys really inspire me. Anyway, on to the question, I was wondering what kind of lashes do you guys use? They look so natural, I love them! I hope you both will have a great day! Much love, @daantjenguyen 

– Oh, you are the sweetest! Thank you, gorgeous! We tend to use falsies from Model No.21 bought in Vietnam, but we’re rocking lash extensions done at Beauty Inn at the moment. Indeed, they’re really natural and we defintely reccomend for you to do it as well! Read more about our experience here

What’s your favorite clothing store? – We get our clothes from all sorts of clothing stores, but some favorites has to be ZARA, BikBok, H&M, Gina Tricot and Monki.


Hi! first of all you two are so freakin pretty, cute, beautiful etc! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT!! You two seem like such cute and nice girls, and I just love your style, both of you are really inspiring. I’m so inspired by you two and I just feel like wearing heels and nice clothes all day err day! Even though sweden is kind of a boring country where people doesn’t really have the courage to wear whatever they like. I wonder if you two could make a makeup tutorial and have you two ever thought about doing a youtube channel for beauty/fashion? That would be really cool!

– How awesome to hear that we have have such a sweet follower from Sweden! Thank you! No, we have never really considered creating a youtube channel, but we will definitely be doing a makeup tutorial in the future. However, it’s up to Tsutsumi when she will proceed on your request. Let’s hope for summer!

Do you and Tsutsumi ever fight over clothes?

– We wouldn’t call it fighting. We’ve been sharing our clothes, makeup and accessories since forever and are pretty used to it. But we do have our irritating moments at each other when we can’t find something particular. “Where the fuck is my skirt” “Why did you wear it before I did” “The mascara is gone where are you hiding it” stupid stuff like that.


What apps and filters do you use to edit your pictures? – Our main app for filters are VSCO Cam. Easy to use, and contains the prettiest filters. Other then that we use Valencia on Instagram, and Photoshop.

Hi, may I ask you where you got that black backpack from? The black leather one that Tsutsumi has on her recent pics on your blog. – I bought the back-pack during our spontaneous christmast trip to London at Primark! It cost us 3 pounds.

IMG_9931 copy

What’s your bucket list?

answered by Tsutsumi:  Oh man, that’s a huge list, but travelling around the world is number one on my bucket list, that’s for sure.

– To swim with the dolphins, but that dream can I cross goodbye to, because I just found out that some dolphins gang rape people. My whole life has been a lie.

– Go on a road trip

– Buy my own apartment at Aker Brygge

– Experience the African nature and go on a safari

– Learn how to skate & surf

– Walk around with a free hug sign

Yeah these are some of the things that I can come up for now.

How do you curl your hair, and what kind of curling iron do you use? Will you ever do a video tutorial on it? I know there is a lot of people who wonders. 

– We use the Babybliss curling iron and I believe we bought it several years ago at a local store. We turn it up to 180-200 celsius and turn the curling iron upside down and then proceed on curling outwards from the face. You need a good technique and a lot of practice to it so I (Alexandra) will consider the thought of making a tutorial on it.


How old are you? Whats your ethnicity? Whats your fav food? Whats your fav color? Uhm why are you so gorgeous? Whats your skincare routine? Whats your foundation routine? Why don’t you do youtube videos?

– Alexandra is 19, and I’m 18. Our ethnicity is Vietnamese, and we love eating sushi. My sister likes white and blue, me on the other hand prefer black and white. Aw, thank you ❤ Skincare routine? Hm, we will make a separate post about it. We don’t use foundation, only sun powder. Lack of time, and no knowledge in video editing 😦

Do you contour/highlight when doing makeup? If so, what brands?

– We don’t use a specific brand. We use the eyeshadow from the Too Faced palette to contour our nose, and use a highlight stick from Etude House – a brand in Korea.

What makeup brand do you use? We use a lot of different brands, but the brands below are the ones that we use the most: Honey Bronze Sun powder – The Body Shop

Powder – BareMinerals, and DaVinci

Blush – Hot Mama, The Balm & Chanel

Concealer – The Body Shop

Eyeliner – Superliner, L’Oreal

Mascara – Telescopic, L’Oreal

Eyeshadow – Too Faced Natural at Night and NAKED. (We also use eyeshadow from the Too Faced palette on the brows)

Lipstick – We have a lot of different lipsticks; Max Factor is one of them. The Balm Girls Lipstick in Mia Moore is also a favorite.


Your favorite instagrammers?

@imjennim @oceanhay @heyclaire @lizaowen @maidensydney @caitlynpaterson @mstr_of_disguise @songofstyle @angelicablicks @birdyandme @songdani @sincerelyjules @saboskirt @shaym @soothingsista @stebertramrose @brooklynhawaii @fridagrahn @billyhuxley @_chuckjunior @jaaywood @jamiejchung@kenzas @vnyen @erikabowes

How long did it take you to get your ombre that blonde (how many times did you apply bleach)?  – It took about three visits to the hair shop because my hairdresser at Hairdo H&K didn’t want my hair to be all damaged after one visit. She wanted to gradually adapt my hair from being bleached to the main ombré color so it was a slow process that lasted for two weeks. My hair was just a big fancy bleach treatment, and she used a lot of hair-cure treatment the whole time for it to stay healthy.

When will you (Tsutsumi) create makeup videoes, or hair tutorials?  – I’m sorry but I’m still an awkward turtle and camera shy when it comes to making videos. I feel like tutorials are a big step for me, so I’ll make small videos and work my way through it. I’ll definitely make tutorials in the future when I’m more self-assured on myself, manned up slightly and found some courage.

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That’s the end of our questions & answers. We hope you enjoyed reading! Thank you for the support and sweet words ❤


3 thoughts on “✿ Questions & Answers ✿

  1. Hi! First of all you two are just amazing and sooooo pretty! My sister and I really love you! You two seems like such lovely girls. Don’t change!
    So my question is.. Where do you really wanna go? I mean, the place you really want to discover. And why? 🙂 In fact I’m passionate about travelling. And I’m curious about you.

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