Bik Bok by Angelica Blick Pre-Launch

Yesterday my cousin and I took a trip to BikBok’s Flagship Store to attend the Pre-launch of a new collection designed by Angelica Blick for Bik Bok. I met Angelica Blick once back in January during the Vixen Blog Awards, and she looked just as good and sweet during the launch as well. I’ve been looking forward to her collection ever since I found out about it and was super thrilled when the rope was cut, and it was time to shop. When I first arrived it was so hard to find small sizes, but it turned out to be good cause the clothing run small! I also believe the stuff are overpriced hence to the quality, but this is my opinion. The stuff listed here is what I bought, what I tried on, and my reviews.


The shoes were just as pretty as I imagined – I love sandals lookings heels! Unfortunately, the quality doesn’t really fit the price of 600 NOK. The shoes have a ”lock function”, but many of them had loose buttons so you couldn’t secure it and some even fell off. I bought it either way because of the simple and prettiness, but I know for sure they wont last long. Oh, I also had to go up a size due to  the straps around my ancles were too tight.


Usually, I’m a size XS but I didn’t fit any of the skirts that I tried on and actually unraveled a bit of this one…. how awkward. I had to go from an XS to M so my butt would fit the white Triangle skirt. The sewing of the skirt were also kind of cheapishly made, but expectations to the side – I loved the material and unique design! No regrets ❤




The sunglasses are a definite favorite and I recommend you to get one! Super retro and nice design to it.




The bustier was one of my main favorites before the pre-launch, but sadly it just didn’t look good on me at all. Too big and way too high.



I fell in love with the blue design that Angelica had to her clothing’s. Very summer and fresh feeling to it. I bought the jacket in an XS and had to go up a size from XS to S to fit the aruba skirt. Pretty, huh?


Isn’t this dress just the prettiest? I wish i bought it, but I kind of looked like a fat marshmellow when I tried it on.


Good luck on the shopping hunting tomorrow guys! I hope you get lots of new favorites ❤

The pictures are taken from


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