♡ Discussion of the day ♡

Where do I shop?

I mainly buy my clothes at BIK BOK and ZARA. I also have a soft spot for Gina Tricot and H&M, but Bik Bok is definitely my number one favorite place. Lately my clothes have been a good variation of Bik Bok mixed with the sponsored ones, along with the pieces from my workplace. I love Bik Bok because it’s trendy, the sizes are small enough to fit me, they have a good variation in their clothes, international designer collaborations as well as having affordable prices.


Why do I shop mainstream? 

Who cares about it being mainstream? It’s not where you shop, it’s what you buy. I honestly can’t seem to find a good reason for why I should buy something expensive for it to look ordinary and plain. It’s not like I’m going to wear it 5 days a week. I will get bored of it after an x amount of time. Styles change all the time and I rather invest my money on travels and savings for the future.  I don’t know why, but whenever I visit an exclusive store my face gets this wrinkly expression while my body suddenly won’t take another step cause there is honestly nothing for me too see. It’s hard to believe, based on the fact that most of my salary goes to shopping. Don’t get me wrong though, I truly find designer purses extremely pretty but I don’t think I need it in my life quite yet. Most of my purses are cheap trendy purses that I found cute at the very moment to my outfit or as a good travel tool. Same goes to most of my outfits, I usually just come up with a random styling combination and it would really hurt my budget if I chose quality over quantity.


Quantity over quality – How will it affect my economy in the long run? 

Yesterday, I checked my economy for the past four months and about 60% of my spendings went to shopping. But, what did I actually buy? I can’t seem to find the value of my money when I take a look into the closet. I’m a fan of marked days and seasonal sales, but it made me realise that I buy all the stuff simply because it was cheap. My boyfriend also have a great taste in fashion, but in comparison to me he takes care of the stuff he buys and appreciate it more. When he shops he checks what the fabric is and if the brand has a good quality. When I shop I try to find something trendy and makes me feel good. It doesn’t matter what brand, if it’s cheap and I save money on it, I’ll buy it. But I won’t appreciate it. I bought it because it was cheap so why should I take care of it? In the long run all I see is major plastic bags stuffed with clothes that I don’t need. That is honestly something I need to work on. I should stop buying stuff just because it’s cheap, lol. It’s a superbad habit and a waste of precious working hours!


What are your thoughts on this topic? How are your shopping habits? Do you disagree or are we on the same boat?



One thought on “♡ Discussion of the day ♡

  1. I completley agree. I dont shop mainstream because i like having clothes that not everyone has but i try and find quality items that way it lasts longer but ill shop for the style that fits me at the moment. However, since my style changes often I definitely end up with bags and bags of clothes to give away or sell. Most of my money goes to clothes, shoes, or accessories which is not always best for the wallet. Were on the same level doll.
    Love your blog btw.

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