Travel destinations – Summer 2014 ♥







If there is one thing that I absolutely love, traveling must be it. I love visiting Vietnam, but it’s a thrill to visit a new place and experience everything it has to offer. It’s a completely different culture, and new adventures to explore as well as creating memories. My family really likes to travel too, so every year we try to to visit a place that we’ve never been to before. In 2012, we spent our summer in Alanya (Turkey) and Gran Canaria (Spain). Boy, was it a nice trip! Crystal clear water and the outdoor clubs were rather amazing. Last summer was mainly Vietnam, but as spontaneous as we are, trips were booked to the magnificent Bangkok and Pattaya (Thailand), and historical Phnom Penh (Cambodia) as well. London and Los Angeles have already been checked earlier this year, and Summer 2014 is just moments away… the expectations are high!

2014 have been amazing so far, and I’m aiming for this summer to be the best I’ve ever had


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