I’ve been thinking about dying my hair for a very long time, and just recently my wish got fulfilled. After many years of Darth Vader black hairstyle I went to the Beauty Inn Salon for a new change. Since summer is approaching I wanted to dye it much lighter with brown as a main base.


My hair was truly a challenge since I dyed it red half a year before, which made the process much harder. Red pigments are very strong and therefore very hard to replace – unless you want to bleach and damage it. We didn’t know how the outcome was going to be so I had to pay a visit to the salon three times. It’s a fact that Asian hair contains a lot of warm pigments and the main color is also very dark, so if you make it lighter there’s a huge chance it will get orange or even green. At first my hair went brown, but after a while I noticed the intense color of orange whenever I went to the sun. When Carmen, my hairdresser, finally did the last coloring I received the satisfaction of a great matt brown color with a lighter ombre.  During the coloring of my hair I also received a lot of different hair cures and moisturizers to keep my hair healthy.


The staff at Beauty Inn is always so warm and welcoming. Every time I pay a visit, Carmen are just as bubbly as the last time I saw her. Her respect and care for every individual hair as well as her good communication with the customers – makes her an excellent hairdresser that I’ll gladly recommend to you!


If you want to dye your hair, you can visit their page here or call for booking: 976 14 254

// Sponsored Treatment


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