Oreo: Lick for it!

Earlier this year I teamed up with the guys from PistolShrimps and filmed a funny commercial for Oreo Cookies. The setting in this commercial takes place at a movie theatre. It’s a scene in which two guys walks towards their respective seats, but suddenly they see a girl that makes their hearts flutter. They then decide to have a “lick-race” in order to determine who gets to sit next to her.

I had to travel to Bergen city to film this commercial, which also happened to be my first time there. Bergen is such a colorful city despite having the rainiest weather in Norway. This trip is connected to the post I wrote back in March that was a top secret mission I could not reveal. You can read it here.

Since it was my very first time filming with a freaking huge camera pointing at my face, in addition to the light reflectors pointing out my imperfections, I was very nervous. However, after getting to know and hang out with the crew and the actors, it was all a very pleasant experience. They were all so fun to work with, and helpful whenever I was concerned of something.

Oreo Lick Race is a series of 8 clips, so check it out on YouTube for an entertaining and funny advertising experience! Hope you enjoyed the commercial as much as I enjoyed being a part of it 🙂

I believe my second clip from the Oreo Lick Race series is coming out next week, so make sure to check it out if you want to see me lick-racing, haha.


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