What’s in our make-up bag?


Hi guys!

had some free-time this morning so I’ve made a make-up post for you! During our trip to Dubai we visited Sephora and various tax-free boutiques and bought make-up that we believe is easy for you to get. Here are the make-up that we use at the moment, hope you’ll like it!


During our visit at the tax-free before departure I bought three lipsticks from Givenchy. I liked the design on the lipsticks, and the colors fitted my everyday make-up really good as well. The colors are in nude, light pink and rose boudoir. We also bought a liquid dipliner from Chanel.


We always apply a lip balm on the lips for moisture before applying a lipstick. The one featured in this picture is a soothing balm from EOS. The pink lipstick is a korean brand from Etude House, and the favourite red is from The Balm. 


Our new-ins is a concealer from Clinique, and the two lipsticks are both from Oriflame. The concealer is truly a masterpiece. It’s easy to apply and blends into the skin smoothly.This concealer works amazing under the eyes and really brightens up a tired morning face. The shade is Moderately Fair 03. Oriflame’s lipsticks are Pink Lace and Chiffon Rose. The last product is a shimmer that we slightly apply on the cheekbones, nose and upper lip for a shimmery glow. It’s from MISSHA The Style Frozen Multi Stick – Midnight.


Dior Vibrant Blush really does the job of giving us a sunkissed look. The color we use is an intense coral color in shade 896 Redissimo. It is also a highlighter with shimmering pigments that enhance the glow.


Terracotta Light Bronzing Powder is probably our favourite make-up product so far. We’ve been using it for years and the powder always melts into our skin and gives it a sun kissed look. Just look for Sun Blondes and you’ll get the same powder from Guerlain.



3 thoughts on “What’s in our make-up bag?

  1. love the makeup bag!
    what lipstick brand is the one next to etude house?? and what foundation powder do you guys use? looking good all the time.
    can you guys pretty pretty please do a short makeup tutorial??
    i have been following you guys forever 🙂 i don’t mean it in a creepy way 🙂 just meant your blog.

  2. Nice! But do you guys still have lash extensions or are you using glued on lashes? I cant decide if I should got back to au natural (no more lash extensions)…I cant see the difference on you though 🙂

    • We’re using glued on lashes. They are easier and much faster to add on, cause extensions in the long run really it’s a burden and it makes us look tired.. 🙂

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