Double the Trouble

Question round! Way too long since the last one, what do you want to know? ❤ IMG_0775IMG_0781


11 thoughts on “Double the Trouble

  1. how many siblings do you guys have?
    which skincare products do you use?
    are you in collage ?
    makeup must-haves ?
    all-time-favorites? (beauty, fashion, lifestyle)

  2. – what do you guys actually do besides the times you’re dressing up, taking pictures and publish them? I mean in your spare time!

    – how do you photoshop your photos? What settings/filters are you using?

    – where are you getting all the money from to travel around, buy new clothes and eat expensive meals outside all the time? Are you currently working or are you getting money from your parents?

  3. 1. Any first love/boyfriend and how did you meet?
    2. What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?
    3. Do you believe in true love?

    Have an awesome life! 🙂

  4. Kan dere vise vinterjakkene/ høstjakkene deres ? 🙂
    Link til deres favoritt høstjakker/vinter jakker?

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