S p e c s a v e r s ♥ N o r g e

The Specsavers event took glasses to a whole new level last night! We had so much fun snapping pictures and try out the Bruuns Bazaar Sunglass Collection for Specsavers. The event was mainly about finding one winner that will represent Specsavers in Tanzania when they travel down to help hundreds of people getting a greater vision by giving them glasses with the right prescription. A very great cause in other words! The night was splendid – We were in really great company and had lots of good wine. Below are a couple of iPhone snaps, more coming up when I finish editing! IMG_2982.JPGIMG_2994.JPGIMG_2010.JPGIMG_2986.JPGIMG_2998.JPGIMG_2995.JPGIMG_2006.JPGIMG_2007.JPGIMG_2997.JPGIMG_2001.JPGIMG_2996.JPGIMG_2009.JPGIMG_2004.JPGIMG_2989.JPGIMG_2991.JPGIMG_2990.JPGIMG_2012.JPGIMG_6087.JPG


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