L A T E L Y // V I X E N

Hello guys! Alexandra speaking. I figured it was about time I update you with more than just daily ootds.. Since summer vacation ended I’ve been busy eating sushi, attending various events and working almost everyday. I have major appointments with my bed, cause I’ve been lacking a lot of sleep.

IMG_6619.JPGBy Malene Birger Event 

Sorbet got closed and it was duked for ICHI’s Grand Opening. I have always been a fan of receiving goodie bags, so it was a delight be in charge of the 150 goodiebags that was going to be handed out. It wasn’t as fun as I thought I would be, haha, so mucho creds to the people who makes hundreds of goodie bags everyday! However, today is my last day working at ICHI. Pretty sad, cause I’m unsure if I’ll ever have such great co-workers as the girls at ICHI and B.Young again ♥ 


I went on an interview for Bik Bok back in august, and I got the job! I don’t think it comes as a surprise for anyone that I absolutely LOVE Bik Bok, haha. I’ve always seen myself as the ultimate Bik Bok girl, and I believe Bik Bok is one of the best clothing stores that we have for girls here in Norway. During this exact time last year, I promised you to make a blog post about tips for job interviews, what to say and what to do… but I never really got around to doing it. I’m pretty sure there is a lot of teenagers who wants to work at Bik Bok, so I’m definitely gonna make a post about it this time. With that being said, my credit card is drained. When I was working for Sorbet and b.young I managed to save a lot of money, but working at Bik Bok really makes it hard for me to not run the whole store down.


We’ve been to VIXEN Blog Awards two years in a row now, and it has always been a really fun experience to be there as a guest surrounded by bloggers and good entertainment. Now that we are bloggers, we figured it would be cool to try-out on the nominations this year. If you think that we deserve a vote please feel free to nominate in whatever category you find fitting. It would make us really happy if you nominated our Instagram accounts for “Instagram Blogger of the Year”, and our blog gigglesndimples.com as “Newcomer Of The Year” or “Outfit of the Day” HERE. We promise to make a hair and makeup tutorial and everything you desire for the effort




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