DET NYE ♥ Budget Friendly Fashion

I didn’t expect anything extraordinary to happen besides work today. But, to my surprise – a Norwegian magazine, Det Nye, announced on Instagram that their newest edition was out in stores! They contacted us earlier about a budget guide that they were doing and wanted to tips their readers about our blog. So I went to the store at 9 am with no makeup, still in my pajamas, searched for Åshild’s beautiful cover and went home oh-so-happy. How cool is it that one of Norway’s biggest magazines told their readers who they should follow for the best budget friendly guides and we happen to be one of nine bloggers that got a shout-out?!


Our style isn’t super original and complete different from every else. We wear whatever we think is pretty and feel comfortable in. Tsutsumi likes to experiment and she often varies between several different styles, while I like to keep it either feminine and classy, or just sweet and simple. Either way, I think the best thing about fashion is that nothing is stopping you from expressing who you are. You have the freedom to try out different styles and looks, and it’s totally up to you how you want to present yourself. We’re inspired by the latest trends, Instagram bloggers, fashion blogs and affordable clothing chain stores. We have always thought of fashion as something that should be budget friendly, and believe that if you are looking at the right places you’ll end up with many treasures.

IMG_6632.JPGIMG_6635.JPGProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I never really pay attention to magazines cause I rather read it online, but regardless of us being in it our not I would definitely buy this one. Their budget guide consist of many hidden treasures, a lot of fashion inspirations, an exclusive interview with the typical girl next door, Åshild, real-life stories about girls from New York who sleeps around with old men to pay for their student loan, food recipes and much more than just the typical girly magazine. It was so relaxing to just lay down and read whatever this magazine had in store for me this morning.. ♥

Sneakpeek on the next blog post: IMG_6642.JPGI really need to iron my sheets before shooting next time. 



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