After I was done at work, I went to get my package consisting of three new shoe pairs from NLY. Unfortunately, the third one was rather ugly so I have to return it, but the two others were dashing! You’ll see them tomorrow, but now I have some new goodies from today for you to see..

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I’ve been waiting for this silver bracelet to arrive in stores for a while now – thrilled when it came today! Pearls have always been one of my faves ever since I was 12, and I still use pearl earrings on a daily basis. When I went to Thailand last year, I actually got told that pearls are a lucky gem to people born in June. Score! ..and it was on 70% sale so I thought why not.. The rings are cool accessories for close-up pictures that I think Tsutsumi will make use off for her future shoots.

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Simple tops from Bik Bok with a silky touch to it. No need for ironing and easy to wear for an everyday look, or a dinner date.

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We’ve been using this Hot Mama blush from The Balm for about three years now and I truly recommend it to everyone to try out! It gives you such a glowing look and gives a really nice finish on your cheeks that I haven’t seen in any other blush that I’ve tried. Props for having the sassiest packaging!

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Tsutsumi and I got this shampoo recommended from several hair salons. The thing about this shampoo is that it’ll neutralize yellow and orange tones in blonde and ombre hair. My hair is very dark and I used to dye it red, so it has a lot of warm pigments in it. This is a new-in so I have only tried it once, but my hair felt glossier, less frizzy and more alive. The only negative thing was that my hair felt really heavy after I rinsed out the shampoo, but my conditioner managed to remove it.

There are times when our blogging is good, and when it is rather dull. This is a good period so thumbs up for that!



2 thoughts on “TODAY

  1. Fantastic for frequently posting, keep them coming!!
    You guys always seem to pull off anything… outfit which is amazing!
    Beautiful and cheerful!
    Admire you guys a lot!!
    Please continue blogging and posting pics!

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