French Me Sum’ Nails

Near my workplace is a newly opened nail salon and I’ve noticed every time I walk past that they always seem to be busy doing nails. My co-workers and customers have all done their nails here and I figured I wanted to try it out too. So the day before my departure I sat down and got my nails prepped. Of course, doing it in Riga would have been much cheaper, but I rather go to a place where I know have receivedĀ great feedbacks. I am very satisfied and recommend it to everyone to do the same.


You can choose between gel nails or acrylic nails. I had a very good length and strong nails when I came, so I chose gel. If you have short and bitten nails, acrylic nails will definitely look amazing, but keep in mind that they will also damage your real nails really bad. I really like gel nails, cause it looks very natural and it doesn’t get in the way during work.





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