Just Girls Breaking Hearts

Last weekend I went to The 1975 concert at Rockefeller in Oslo with one of my best friends, Ellen.

We spent an hour standing in line in the pouring rain before the doors opened. We got soaked, but it was totally worth it!

The underground boy band, Pool, did an incredible job as the opening act of show. It was my first time listening to them, and I must say I really enjoyed it. After the warm-up, the 1975 came on stage and everyone freaked out completely. The 1975 totally delivered! I’ve been to several concerts and I can easily say that this concert was one of the greatest ones I’ve ever been to. There was so much energy from the whole band and Matty Healy knows just how to pump the crowd, which I really fancied. Apart from that, the music was incredible and the show was amazing. The highlight of the show was definitely their hit songs “Girls” & “Chocolate”. Ellen and I literally danced and sang along to the songs like there was no tomorrow. I never knew I had this fangirl inside of me. I’m usually the “oh, cool jam. I like that shit”, but at the concert my hands were literally stretching towards the band like a maniac. It was fun. The 1975 are one band you definitely should watch live.

IMG_2242.JPGIMG_2229.JPGIMG_2244.JPGIMG_2232.JPGIMG_2241.JPGIMG_2247.JPGIMG_2252.JPGIMG_2249.JPGIMG_2231.JPGUgh, I can’t *sparkle eyes* IMG_2250.JPGIMG_2235.JPGIMG_2245.JPGIMG_2258.JPGIMG_2238.JPGIMG_2233.JPGIMG_2236.JPG

Tomorrow is also the last day to nominate your favourite blogger for VIXEN Blog awards. It would be super fun if you nominated each of our accounts for “Instagram Blogger of The Year” as well as our blog for “Newcomer of the year” at the VIXEN Blog awards. Everyone who votes are in the competition of winning a brand new Canon PowerShot G7 X – blogger camera.  xoxo, Tsumi



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