Gambit’s Press Launch Spring Summer 15

IMG_5042 copyIMG_5052 copyIMG_5297 copyIMG_5253 copyIMG_5235 copyIMG_5233 copyIMG_5199 copyIMG_5190 copyIMG_5182 copyIMG_5149 copyIMG_5153 copyIMG_5203 copyIMG_5172 copyIMG_5142 copyIMG_5137 copyIMG_5084 copyIMG_5077 copyIMG_5075 copyIMG_5104 copyIMG_5072 copyIMG_5045 copyIMG_5048 copy


One thought on “Gambit’s Press Launch Spring Summer 15

  1. hey girls, i love reading your blog because it is honestly so beautiful to witness and read about all your adventures! just a quick question for tsutsumi: where did you get your marble iphone case from? i love it! 🙂 thank you

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