Sexy Mama!


I’ve always liked the concept of The Balm. The packaging are retro-inspired with creative names and has pretty pin-up models on the covers. It’s fun, cute and gives me summer vibes. I’ve been using the Hot Mama blush for a couple of years now, and I will never stop using it. This blush is amazing because the quality is really good, it has a lot of color pigments, and last long. It also contains shimmer which gives your skin a beautiful glow. Sometimes, I even use it on my eyelids.


I recently bought this Bahama Mama bronzer after many positive feedbacks. It is very pigmented so I use it for contouring and under my cheekbones. Now that the winter is here, it is great to have this product in my beauty life.

IMG_7633-0.JPGIMG_7632-0.JPGSexy Mama is a transparent powder that you apply over your makeup to prevent it from getting oily and shiny, and leaves you with a matte finish. Great to-go product to use throughout the day for a touch-up.


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