Alexandra Joner’s Tap Dance Releaseparty

IMG_8655.JPGIMG_8656.JPGIMG_8659.JPGIMG_8658.JPGYesterday we attended the launch of Alexandra Joner’s new music video, Tap Dance. Miss. Joner is an uprising popstar princess here in Norway, and is also known for her unique visual fashion style. Her music video was amazing! When the music came on, it was no turning back. We jammed our butts off to the colorful energetic video. After the MV was over, we got served a live show where the great dancers showed us what they’re made off. Alexandra Joner looks like a million bucks, she has the attitude and glow to succeed and we congratulate her on the release.


The CEO’s of Blitzbox! Blitxbox is a Photo Booth concept that wasn’t normal to have in Norway until recently. We look forward for the next party where their Photo Booth are gonna pop up!



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