The Thief Spa

IMG_6081 copyIMG_6075 copyIMG_6001 copyIMG_6011 copyIMG_6015 copyIMG_6082 copyIMG_6094 copyIMG_6099IMG_6122 copyWednesday was a packed day! I went to the Thief Spa to shoot an upcoming commercial for Carita products. The shoot was mainly to broadcast their luxurious products and what treatments they offer at their spa. The pictures that were captured are going to be shown on The Thief’s homepage, and I’m eager to see how it turns out!

Since I was half naked hidden under a blanket most of the time, I flashed myself about a dozen times. At first, it was pretty awkward but I ended up just embracing the freedom. The photographer, Jim, was from Miami and he was so funny and made me feel comfortable during the shoot.

After the shooting,  I met up with friends and attended the launch of Makeup Revolution before I finished it off with dinner at a Korean event. With no makeup in my face, it actually went very well and was an exciting day!


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