Alexander Wang x HM Part III


When it was time, HM called for two maxi taxis and transported us to a secret place where the dinner would be at. It turned out to be at the White Lights Studio where they had rigged up an eating area for the occasion. We took pictures by the press wall, and got served drinks from the bar while waiting for the dinner to start. The food for the evening was provided from Piscoteket, a restaurant that will open in two weeks. It was a fantastic four-course dinner with lots of tasty wines. We recommend you to check this place out when it opens, because the Peruan taste that they add to the dishes was beyond amazing. So delicious and good looking!


Behind each and every one of our seats, there were Alexander Wang x HM goodie bags. Inside was a super awesome tank top with the text print ” Team Wang” on the front and “Team HM” on the back. Sporty!


Yummy! It was mouthwatering and the taste was out of this world.


Thought we should also including some iPhone shots, cause they were simply hilarious; a very fun night overall!



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