Thank you SO much! Our Friday evening was perfect. Vixen Blog Awards 2014 announced their semi finalists, and we can happily tell you that our blog is nominated to Newcomer Of The Year and Best Outfit Of the Day. Tsutsumi’s IG is also nominated for Best Instagram blogger! How fricken cool isn’t that?!? We’re talking about three categories here, all thanks to you.

After breathtaking 20 000 nominations from blogreaders, it caught us by surprise to be nominated. We first got the news that Tsutsumi was nominated for best Instagram and were thrilled. Suddenly when scrolling down the page it read “Giggles & Dimples” and we couldn’t help but scream our lungs out, jump up and down and whip our hair like there was no tomorrow. Every positivity seems to be a hundred times better when you have someone to share it with. Thank YOU!

♥ Best Outfit Of The day ♥

♥ Best Instagram Blog  ♥

♥ Newcomer of The Year ♥

Listed above are direct links to our category. There are ten semifinalists per category and after December 31st, the jury will pick five nominees to the final. It is totally up to you guys to vote, so we would be so happy if you could make one last effort and vote for us until deadline! When you’ve voted in each category, you can vote again after twelve hours. No adding your mail, no ads – just one click and you’re done!

Best Outfit of the Day is 100% based on votes from you regardless of the jury. In comparison to the bloggers that are in the same category, we go for a budget-friendly fashion which we hope can appeal and inspire the majority of fashion enthusiasts. There is also one award that is called “People’s Choice” which is awarded to the bloggers that have the most votes combined. This price is basically dedicated to you, which is pretty amazing. Thank you once again, you are fantastic and we are so grateful for your support ♥




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