Kylie Jenner’s Soar


The famous Kylie Jenner “Soar” Lip pencil from MAC is on every girls lips these days, and this product is truly perfect. Some use it as a lipliner, while we use it to fill in our lips. The pink-brown dusty color is very matte, which gives it an enhancing bold look. The texture is also very smooth, and the pigmentation is there after just one stroke. It doesn’t dry out and last very long so there’s no need to worry when you’re out. Totally in love with this lip pencil and we’ve been using it nonstop ever since.


We also have two lip liner’s from KICKS which we use whenever we want extra texture to our lips. The one pictured is “Sweet Angel”, and “Blueberry Lips” These were the one we used for HMSS15 event.


This one is Tsutsumi’s so I’m not sure when or for what occasion she would use this, but I think it’s pretty often from the looks of it, haha.


This lipstick is the only lipstick we’ve been using ever since we bought it in Vietnam Summer 2013. Events such as the Costume Awards, Vixen Blog Awards, Alexander Wang x HM, all the selfies and almost every-time you’ve asked us which lipstick we’ve used – This is the one. It’s creamy, easy to apply, last long, plumbin’ finish and goes very well with our skin tone. It’s from Etude House, a korean brand. We don’t know what the name is cause it’s written in korean, but the shade is similar to shock pink. Here is a direct link to it, Etoinette Crystal Shine


The award for the world’s best eyeliner goes to the Superliner from Loreal! We’ve been using it for years, the applicator gives a neat line, doesn’t smudge at all and has a very bold color. We always mark our eyes with an eyeliner, and this product is perfect for a winged long-lasting look. Love, love, love ♥


We also have two new lipsticks from MAC, but unfortunately Tsutsumi took it with her this morning so I couldn’t snap some photos for you. I can’t wait to show you the colors that we used for our weekendtrip to Geilo, they’re so perfect! Hope you like this little beautypost! A youtube channel will be up soon, stay tuned ♡


Happy to get your vote for “Best Outfit of The Day” ♥


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