Costume Awards (Part 2)


Costume Awards was so much fun! It started off with a bangin’ vorspiel with before the awards. We then arrived at Gamle Logen, and met several new faces, had pre-drinks, and makeup and nails done before the show started. There was many priceworthy and beautiful winners of the night and we even got an exclusive performance from Ina Wroldsen which was amazing. Then it was time for the afterparty to begin. We got served refreshments, had fun in the photobooth and danced the night away.

IMG_2769IMG_2768IMG_2770 IMG_2765 IMG_2766 2015/01/img_4545.jpg2015/01/img_4549.jpg2015/01/img_4547.jpg2015/01/img_4514.jpg2015/01/img_4548.jpg2015/01/img_4544.jpg2015/01/img_4543.jpg

Chioma Anugweje getting all turnt up!


Anaconda action in this club!


Kaya Andersen didn’t have to walk that night. Finito.


Chioma Anugweje, Lisa Bjorheim & Janne Monsen Tveit *sparkle emoji* The wonderful crew!


Giggles & Dimples with the stunning Camila Sørensen! (foto: Lisa Bjorheim)


Gone Boy (2014) American thriller film directed by David Fincher.

2015/01/img_4516.jpg2015/01/img_4515.jpg“Are we human? or are we dancers?” We are f*cking dancers!2015/01/img_4513.jpg

Hodo Vodo & Ida Helene ❤


*double trouble hair flip*


Jamina Iversen & Gisle Stokland throwing that effortless eff sign


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