About Us

Giggles and Dimples

We are two Norwegian-born sisters living in Oslo and prior to making this blog, we started out by using Instagram. After massive requests from our followers, we launched this fashion and lifestyle blog, GigglesnDimples in September of 2013. The idea was to show more of our everyday life and share details about our outfits and beauty products. Since we share the same taste in fashion as well as doing basically everything as a duo, it was natural for us to make a blog together.

When we chose a name for the blog, we wanted something catchy that would also appeal to us. Giggles & Dimples was a caption we used in our instagram photos, and since one always giggles and the other has dimples? Gigglesndimples it is!

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Since our followers are all over the world with Norway, the United States, Australia, and Germany as our main follower countries we decided to aim for an international blog. It’s fun to share our life and being able to look back at it, and it’s wonderful when the feedback from you are always so positive.

Giggles & Dimples,

Alexandra Hoang & Tsutsumi Hoang♥


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I think you girls are really pretty and wish I had the same beauty! I just followed you on Instagram and even though I don’t gave a blog myself I had to check yours out!

  2. Hey there beautiful ladies! Really admire both of you, just would really appreciate your feedback on your haircare routine after you guys ombré-d your hair? Like how do you deal with heat, what sort of product do you guys use? I thought of ombreing my hair as well, but im sort of contemplating and scared what are the outcomes that might affect my hair. Haha thank youu 🙂 xoxo

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