Costume Beauty Breakfast


Our blissful morning started with breakfast at Hotel Continental with Costume to see the launch of their new beauty network. is a new platform based on beauty, hair, tutorials and lots of inspirational advice for the beauty loving girl! Have you ever seen a breakfast table as delicate as this one? The theme was inspired by the 70’s and contained lots of spring vibes. The whole table was filled with delicious breakfast, flowers, macaroons, and models showing off the spring trends. Marie Antoinette’s type of breakfast in other words. It was absolutely beautiful!


Marianne Theodorsen aka StyleDevil


Chioma Anugweje striking a pose!


Marie Wolla and Emilie Tømmerberg


With Costume’s Editor-in-chief Hege Aurelie Badendyck and Beauty Editor, Hélène Andersen


Burgundy Lips by MAC

We recently discovered MAC’s lipsticks and the magic that it does to our lips, so I think it’s just a matter of time before all our lipsticks are from MAC. It’s by far one of the best lipsticks we’ve ever tried. The DIVA lipstick is matte with an intense red color, similar to burgundy and plum. It is also very pigmented and last long, so we dont need touch-ups. Perfect for going out! 2015/01/img_2086.jpg The second lipstick is Viva Glam IV Frost, which we also love. This lipstick has more of a shimmery look which stands out more. During our trip to Geilo, it fascinated me that it was still perfectly intact after drinks and dinner. This is a great recommendation if you ask us. The products are easy to apply, keeps our lips hydrated and fresh with lots of pigmentations. Great long-lasting product with a very good price as well!

Kylie Jenner’s Soar


The famous Kylie Jenner “Soar” Lip pencil from MAC is on every girls lips these days, and this product is truly perfect. Some use it as a lipliner, while we use it to fill in our lips. The pink-brown dusty color is very matte, which gives it an enhancing bold look. The texture is also very smooth, and the pigmentation is there after just one stroke. It doesn’t dry out and last very long so there’s no need to worry when you’re out. Totally in love with this lip pencil and we’ve been using it nonstop ever since.

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NEW IN – NO. 7


We recently attended a Girls Night evening with the team from Stylista, and one of the activities that we took part in was a beauty match made service by No. 7. With help of a hand held device applied to our skin we found the perfect foundation match. I was recommended the shade Honey, while Tsutsumi got Wheat.



3D Lashes

Hei dere!

Sist jeg var hos Beauty Inn for å fylle på vippe-extensions mistet jeg alle vipper etter 3 uker, og grunnen var fordi vippene mine var veldig svake. Tri, Beauty Inns vippe-extensions ansvarlig, var da så grei og ga meg vippeserum som jeg brukte for å forsterke vippene mine. Det brukte jeg i en uke før jeg kom tilbake og fikk nye vipper. Denne gangen ble Tri og jeg enige om å prøve en 3D-look, der jeg fikk typ 4-5 vippeextensions på en og en naturlig vippe. Vippene Tri ga meg var av D curls, en kombinasjon av 10, 11, og 13mm lange med tykkelse 0.20. Det ga et fint løft til øynene mine, noe jeg ble veldig fornøyd med.

IMG_8800IMG_8803 copy

Jeg foretrekker å ha vippe-extensions, fordi det gir et blikkfangende look. Det er dager jeg bare dropper sminken helt fordi vippene er så utrolig nydelige og skiller seg ut. Jeg anbefaler alle å prøve ut vippextensions hos Beauty Inn, og ha det satt på av dyktige Tri.


På forrige vippe-innlegg skrev Alexandra mye nyttige tips om vippe-extensions. Om du aldri har prøvd ut vippe-extensions før, og er usikker på hvordan prosessen er, kan du lese mer om det her 🙂

For booking av vippetime kan Beauty Inn kontaktes på hjemmesiden deres, eller tlf. 976 14 254 Tri holder til på Akersgata som ligger supersentralt på Grensen.
// Sponset behandling – For english, copy & paste on Google Translate 🙂

Vippefin hos Beauty Inn

Etter en måned med vippeextensions dro jeg innom Beauty Inn for etterfylling. Som regel skal etterfylling skje etter 2-3uker, men mine har holdt seg overraskende godt! Denne gangen valgte Tri å gi meg en mer dramatisk look ved hjelp av b-curls. Disse vippene er 14mm lange, og har en tykk krøll med veldig bra bøy. Det gir dem masse volum, og ligger litt tyngre på øyelokket. Dette må være de fineste krøllene jeg har hatt hittil, jeg elsker dem! Storfornøyd som alltid ♥


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Sexy Mama!


I’ve always liked the concept of The Balm. The packaging are retro-inspired with creative names and has pretty pin-up models on the covers. It’s fun, cute and gives me summer vibes. I’ve been using the Hot Mama blush for a couple of years now, and I will never stop using it. This blush is amazing because the quality is really good, it has a lot of color pigments, and last long. It also contains shimmer which gives your skin a beautiful glow. Sometimes, I even use it on my eyelids.


I recently bought this Bahama Mama bronzer after many positive feedbacks. It is very pigmented so I use it for contouring and under my cheekbones. Now that the winter is here, it is great to have this product in my beauty life.

IMG_7633-0.JPGIMG_7632-0.JPGSexy Mama is a transparent powder that you apply over your makeup to prevent it from getting oily and shiny, and leaves you with a matte finish. Great to-go product to use throughout the day for a touch-up.