Vixen Blog Awards 2014

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We started our evening with an awesome pre-party thrown at Hotel Continental. This is the third time we visit the Hotel for blogger purposes and the prize we received for “Newcomer of the Year” is also a weekend stay at the Hotel, haha. We mingled with the other finalists until it was time for the show to start!

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The show was packed from beginning to end with lots of inspiring artists on stage. It was so cool to see our names on the screen when they presented the finalists. One year of blogging and we were nominated for three awards – that is pretty awesome! When the awards was over, it was time for after party at Seeds. It was so incredibly nice to be congratulated and we were truly the happiest chipmunks that night.

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Cheers for an awesome night!



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 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yesterday we were the happy winners of the award Newcomer of the Year 2014.

How ironic isn’t it that the newcomers had to open the show? We were nothing but a big blur when accepting our prize. Our hearts thumped, and the nervousness made our legs jelly. Tsutsumi was so shy she hid behind the bouquet the entire speech while I concentrated on not to fall while walking. We were caught in a so called blackout, cause it was so surreal. However, we managed to thank our readers something we find very important!

Newcomer of the Year is a prize with a bit of everything so in many ways was this an incredible price which we are very grateful to receive. One year of blogging have given us many memories and there are so much more to experience!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetphoto taken by Chioma Anugweje Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAlexandra’s OOTD: Cardigan Bik Bok Bralette Hunted Dreams Skirt Mango Footwear Tobi, get it here

Tsutsumi’s OOTD: Shirt Monki Bralette Tobi, get it here Skirt Hunted Dreams Shoes Bik Bok Purse Monki 
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The jury speech to the lucky winners was really sweet! Here is the translated version;

“Newcomer of the Year is the new shooting star to the blog heaven and is the blog that despite starting in 2013 first got it’s big debut last year. This blog is also nominated for Instagram of the Year – the place where it all started. With inspiring images, international appeal and large dimples – the chances are big that these sweet sisters will characterise the blog world in the future.”

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Thank you so much to all of you who voted and rooted for us. You truly motivate us to be better! Thank you Vixen for awarding us and for the lovely statuette. Thank you Khiet from Nikita for doing our hair for the awards. Thank you Chioma for the original hashtag #teamalexogtsu and being a proud lil mama. Thank You! 

Costume Awards (Part 2)


Costume Awards was so much fun! It started off with a bangin’ vorspiel with before the awards. We then arrived at Gamle Logen, and met several new faces, had pre-drinks, and makeup and nails done before the show started. There was many priceworthy and beautiful winners of the night and we even got an exclusive performance from Ina Wroldsen which was amazing. Then it was time for the afterparty to begin. We got served refreshments, had fun in the photobooth and danced the night away.

IMG_2769IMG_2768IMG_2770 IMG_2765 IMG_2766 2015/01/img_4545.jpg2015/01/img_4549.jpg2015/01/img_4547.jpg2015/01/img_4514.jpg Continue reading

Costume Awards 2015


Cheers to a succesful evening! We matched in white once again for the Costume Awards! The evening was awesome from beginning to end. Our night started with a vorspiel with the team from before we grabbed a cab to the event. More pics will be shared in a later post, but here is a snippet of snaps from our phones! I’m wearing a white jumpsuit from ZARA, while Alexandra is dressed in a skirt from Madison Square Clothing and a body from Get the bodysuit, here

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Throwback to Costume Awards 2014

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Here is a snippet of pics taken at the Costume Awards last year. We had so much fun at the fashion-filled event and the night was filled with nominations, the prettiest dresses, half naked models from Gant, popcorn bars and awesome company with the team from We’ve received invitations this year as well, so tomorrow is going to be a magnificent day. Add us on snapchat: Lillehoang and TsutsumiHoang for fast and fun updates!

Costume Beauty Breakfast


Our blissful morning started with breakfast at Hotel Continental with Costume to see the launch of their new beauty network. is a new platform based on beauty, hair, tutorials and lots of inspirational advice for the beauty loving girl! Have you ever seen a breakfast table as delicate as this one? The theme was inspired by the 70’s and contained lots of spring vibes. The whole table was filled with delicious breakfast, flowers, macaroons, and models showing off the spring trends. Marie Antoinette’s type of breakfast in other words. It was absolutely beautiful!


Marianne Theodorsen aka StyleDevil


Chioma Anugweje striking a pose!


Marie Wolla and Emilie Tømmerberg


With Costume’s Editor-in-chief Hege Aurelie Badendyck and Beauty Editor, Hélène Andersen



Two weeks ago, Alexandra and I got invited to Gaute’s birthday held at his restaurant Piscoteket. We have never visited the newly opened restaurant before, so we looked very forward to try out the food & check out the place. We were in great company during our stay and enjoyed ourselves to the max!


If you don’t recall the name, it’s the same restaurant that was in charge of the Alexander Wang x HM dinner. The three-course dinner was on point with a mixture of authentic Peruvian and Asian flavors. All in all, a very cool and intimate evening with lots of laughs and great food!

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Geilo x United Bloggers II

Saturday was packed starting off with breakfast, several lectures about social media and blog marketing, how to set goals and gain success. It really gave us a motivation boost which we really needed! After that we went onto zip lining while the other groups went snow scooting and dog sledding. When playing Tarzan lookalike was over, we went over to the spa to relax and get comfortable in the steam bath. The resort is a perfect place for some time off and we recommend a visit to this place if you’re visiting Geilo.


Then it was duked for pre-drinks, fabulous dinner entertainment and party to 5 in the morning!



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Geilo x United Bloggers

Hi to all our readers! We are home from one of the best weekends ever, and had so much plans and to-do’s on the agenda that we haven’t had the time to blog before now. It was truly phenomenal and very fun. Two days gave us so much joy and memories to remember. We traveled along with United Bloggers and this trip was a part of their kick-off party. We are in the fashion and lifestyle category, but somehow none of us brought anything that was considered fashion-blogger material. It was all wool sweats and night pajamas. How awkward isn’t that? Anyways, here is a bunch of pictures from our stay!

2015/01/img_1847.jpgPhoto by Frederik Aune Guttormsen

We arrived at Vestlia Resort on Friday at 7 pm after a four-hour train ride. After checking in, we were welcomed by drinks and dinner buffé, combined with great company.


Part two is right around the corner!