The Thief Spa

IMG_6081 copyIMG_6075 copyIMG_6001 copyIMG_6011 copyIMG_6015 copyIMG_6082 copyIMG_6094 copyIMG_6099IMG_6122 copyWednesday was a packed day! I went to the Thief Spa to shoot an upcoming commercial for Carita products. The shoot was mainly to broadcast their luxurious products and what treatments they offer at their spa. The pictures that were captured are going to be shown on The Thief’s homepage, and I’m eager to see how it turns out!

Since I was half naked hidden under a blanket most of the time, I flashed myself about a dozen times. At first, it was pretty awkward but I ended up just embracing the freedom. The photographer, Jim, was from Miami and he was so funny and made me feel comfortable during the shoot.

After the shooting,  I met up with friends and attended the launch of Makeup Revolution before I finished it off with dinner at a Korean event. With no makeup in my face, it actually went very well and was an exciting day!


S p e c s a v e r s ♥ N o r g e

The Specsavers event took glasses to a whole new level last night! We had so much fun snapping pictures and try out the Bruuns Bazaar Sunglass Collection for Specsavers. The event was mainly about finding one winner that will represent Specsavers in Tanzania when they travel down to help hundreds of people getting a greater vision by giving them glasses with the right prescription. A very great cause in other words! The night was splendid – We were in really great company and had lots of good wine. Below are a couple of iPhone snaps, more coming up when I finish editing! IMG_2982.JPGIMG_2994.JPGIMG_2010.JPGIMG_2986.JPGIMG_2998.JPGIMG_2995.JPGIMG_2006.JPGIMG_2007.JPGIMG_2997.JPGIMG_2001.JPGIMG_2996.JPGIMG_2009.JPGIMG_2004.JPGIMG_2989.JPGIMG_2991.JPGIMG_2990.JPGIMG_2012.JPGIMG_6087.JPG

Purple Days

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Top: Profound, The Old Timers Light Mesh Baseball Jersey In Navy Sunnies: ZeroUv Watch: Daniel Wellington (Remember to use my code “TSUMI2014” to get 15% off all Daniel Wellington products!Earrings: Floral Punk Accessorises: Ettika & Shantique Designs 

Check out Profound here to get clothes that balances between streetwear and high fashion.

XoXo, Tsumi.

Oreo: Lick Race Second Clip!

Hey guys!

Remember the commercial I did with PistolShrimps for Oreo Cookies? Well, the second clip from the Oreo Lick Race series is out! It has been viral for quite a while now, but for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out below 🙂

In this clip the setting takes place in a bus where two friends are making a vlog about their day. They get interrupted by ticket inspectors and unfortunately, the girls doesn’t have valid tickets for the ride which lead to one of them challenging the ticket-controller for a lick race. See what happens next when everything takes a new turn!

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Oreo: Lick for it!

Earlier this year I teamed up with the guys from PistolShrimps and filmed a funny commercial for Oreo Cookies. The setting in this commercial takes place at a movie theatre. It’s a scene in which two guys walks towards their respective seats, but suddenly they see a girl that makes their hearts flutter. They then decide to have a “lick-race” in order to determine who gets to sit next to her.

I had to travel to Bergen city to film this commercial, which also happened to be my first time there. Bergen is such a colorful city despite having the rainiest weather in Norway. This trip is connected to the post I wrote back in March that was a top secret mission I could not reveal. You can read it here.

Since it was my very first time filming with a freaking huge camera pointing at my face, in addition to the light reflectors pointing out my imperfections, I was very nervous. However, after getting to know and hang out with the crew and the actors, it was all a very pleasant experience. They were all so fun to work with, and helpful whenever I was concerned of something.

Oreo Lick Race is a series of 8 clips, so check it out on YouTube for an entertaining and funny advertising experience! Hope you enjoyed the commercial as much as I enjoyed being a part of it 🙂

I believe my second clip from the Oreo Lick Race series is coming out next week, so make sure to check it out if you want to see me lick-racing, haha.


Yesterday I met up with the team of NVRNKD and modeled for the fashionable online store! We had the photoshoot at NVRNKD’s studio where I’ve got to the meet the breathtaking Annette Haga who is the co-founder of NVRNKD and the one who asked me to participate on this shoot, along with the most flawless model Jessica. We had a wonderful time during set and wore a lot of new items that NVRNKD just got in stock.

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It was super fun to be photographed, and a total adrenaline rush considering that it was my first real photo-shoot ever. Jessica and I got styled and photographed by Annette, and boy are they beautiful! The fact that I was representing one of Norway’s most famous bloggers online fashion store made it feel so unreal! Annette Haga is so down to earth and sweet in real life, it was a pleasure to meet her.

The environment was extremely warm and cozy. Everyone there was very open and friendly and guided me when I needed help with something. They were so welcoming that I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all but rather myself, and that is something I really appreciate!

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The gorgeous, Jessica!

I’m pretty stoked to be representing this brand, and I can’t wait for you to see what is new in stock! The pieces are absolutely gorgeous! Keep yourselves updated on their page


Your Darth Vader,

Tsutsumi H.

Touch-Ups at Beauty Inn! ❤


After a couple of weeks of having eyelash extensions, it was about time for Tsutsumi and I to refill our extensions at Beauty Inn!


I can’t tell you enough how big of a timesaver lash extensions have been. Usually, our eye make-up consist of falsies, several coats of mascara, eyeshadow, and bold eyeliner, but now that we have our extensions, everything is easy maintained. I only have to apply powder, blush and a good lipstick, and I’m ready to head out. It saves me so much time and it’s such a thrill to be able to go to sleep at the end of the day without having to worry about removing the eye-makeup. It’s amazing how much they can handle and still look dazzling. I had a flu right before leaving for america and my eyes teared up a lot. But despite the continuous eye-rubbing and tears, my lashes were fully intact.

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