Burgundy Lips by MAC

We recently discovered MAC’s lipsticks and the magic that it does to our lips, so I think it’s just a matter of time before all our lipsticks are from MAC. It’s by far one of the best lipsticks we’ve ever tried. The DIVA lipstick is matte with an intense red color, similar to burgundy and plum. It is also very pigmented and last long, so we dont need touch-ups. Perfect for going out! 2015/01/img_2086.jpg The second lipstick is Viva Glam IV Frost, which we also love. This lipstick has more of a shimmery look which stands out more. During our trip to Geilo, it fascinated me that it was still perfectly intact after drinks and dinner. This is a great recommendation if you ask us. The products are easy to apply, keeps our lips hydrated and fresh with lots of pigmentations. Great long-lasting product with a very good price as well!




Two weeks ago, Alexandra and I got invited to Gaute’s birthday held at his restaurant Piscoteket. We have never visited the newly opened restaurant before, so we looked very forward to try out the food & check out the place. We were in great company during our stay and enjoyed ourselves to the max!


If you don’t recall the name, it’s the same restaurant that was in charge of the Alexander Wang x HM dinner. The three-course dinner was on point with a mixture of authentic Peruvian and Asian flavors. All in all, a very cool and intimate evening with lots of laughs and great food!

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Kylie Jenner’s Soar


The famous Kylie Jenner “Soar” Lip pencil from MAC is on every girls lips these days, and this product is truly perfect. Some use it as a lipliner, while we use it to fill in our lips. The pink-brown dusty color is very matte, which gives it an enhancing bold look. The texture is also very smooth, and the pigmentation is there after just one stroke. It doesn’t dry out and last very long so there’s no need to worry when you’re out. Totally in love with this lip pencil and we’ve been using it nonstop ever since.

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Geilo x United Bloggers II

Saturday was packed starting off with breakfast, several lectures about social media and blog marketing, how to set goals and gain success. It really gave us a motivation boost which we really needed! After that we went onto zip lining while the other groups went snow scooting and dog sledding. When playing Tarzan lookalike was over, we went over to the spa to relax and get comfortable in the steam bath. The resort is a perfect place for some time off and we recommend a visit to this place if you’re visiting Geilo.


Then it was duked for pre-drinks, fabulous dinner entertainment and party to 5 in the morning!



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Geilo x United Bloggers

Hi to all our readers! We are home from one of the best weekends ever, and had so much plans and to-do’s on the agenda that we haven’t had the time to blog before now. It was truly phenomenal and very fun. Two days gave us so much joy and memories to remember. We traveled along with United Bloggers and this trip was a part of their kick-off party. We are in the fashion and lifestyle category, but somehow none of us brought anything that was considered fashion-blogger material. It was all wool sweats and night pajamas. How awkward isn’t that? Anyways, here is a bunch of pictures from our stay!

2015/01/img_1847.jpgPhoto by Frederik Aune Guttormsen

We arrived at Vestlia Resort on Friday at 7 pm after a four-hour train ride. After checking in, we were welcomed by drinks and dinner buffé, combined with great company.


Part two is right around the corner!

I need me a Léon


Black Neoprene Pencil Skirt from One Boutique, here  Top from Hunted Dreams and Coat from SheInside, here Beanie from H&M Shades from Bruuns Bazaar and Shoes from DNA

We are back from a very cool weekend spent at Vestlia Resort with a bunch of bloggers. We had the best time with perfect company, spa, zip lining, tasty dinners and great music. Pics and moments will be shared later. In the meanwhile, here is one of my latest outfits. We are finalists in the category “Best Outfit of The Day”, and the votes are totally up to the readers to decide who to win, so if you think Giggles & Dimples deserve the Best OOTD award, then it would make us very flattered and happy to get your vote! You can vote every day until January 28th, HERE Thank you to all of you rooting and voting for us