Costume Awards (Part 2)


Costume Awards was so much fun! It started off with a bangin’ vorspiel with before the awards. We then arrived at Gamle Logen, and met several new faces, had pre-drinks, and makeup and nails done before the show started. There was many priceworthy and beautiful winners of the night and we even got an exclusive performance from Ina Wroldsen which was amazing. Then it was time for the afterparty to begin. We got served refreshments, had fun in the photobooth and danced the night away.

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Costume Beauty Breakfast


Our blissful morning started with breakfast at Hotel Continental with Costume to see the launch of their new beauty network. is a new platform based on beauty, hair, tutorials and lots of inspirational advice for the beauty loving girl! Have you ever seen a breakfast table as delicate as this one? The theme was inspired by the 70’s and contained lots of spring vibes. The whole table was filled with delicious breakfast, flowers, macaroons, and models showing off the spring trends. Marie Antoinette’s type of breakfast in other words. It was absolutely beautiful!


Marianne Theodorsen aka StyleDevil


Chioma Anugweje striking a pose!


Marie Wolla and Emilie Tømmerberg


With Costume’s Editor-in-chief Hege Aurelie Badendyck and Beauty Editor, Hélène Andersen

Geilo x United Bloggers II

Saturday was packed starting off with breakfast, several lectures about social media and blog marketing, how to set goals and gain success. It really gave us a motivation boost which we really needed! After that we went onto zip lining while the other groups went snow scooting and dog sledding. When playing Tarzan lookalike was over, we went over to the spa to relax and get comfortable in the steam bath. The resort is a perfect place for some time off and we recommend a visit to this place if you’re visiting Geilo.


Then it was duked for pre-drinks, fabulous dinner entertainment and party to 5 in the morning!



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Geilo x United Bloggers

Hi to all our readers! We are home from one of the best weekends ever, and had so much plans and to-do’s on the agenda that we haven’t had the time to blog before now. It was truly phenomenal and very fun. Two days gave us so much joy and memories to remember. We traveled along with United Bloggers and this trip was a part of their kick-off party. We are in the fashion and lifestyle category, but somehow none of us brought anything that was considered fashion-blogger material. It was all wool sweats and night pajamas. How awkward isn’t that? Anyways, here is a bunch of pictures from our stay!

2015/01/img_1847.jpgPhoto by Frederik Aune Guttormsen

We arrived at Vestlia Resort on Friday at 7 pm after a four-hour train ride. After checking in, we were welcomed by drinks and dinner buffé, combined with great company.


Part two is right around the corner!

Lately on Snapchat, Christmas Time ♥

Merry Christmas, loves ❤

Thank you so much for all your votes so far in the Vixen Blog Awards! The votings are coming to an end in just a couple of days, and we are truly grateful to have made it so far. It’ll be fun when they announce the five finalists in early January , so please root for us! We are nominated in three categories in the VBA: Newcomer of the Year, Best Outfit Of The Day and Best Instagram of the Year. We are among really great bloggers so the chances might be slim, but it’s still very fun to be a part of this and be able to share it with you! You can vote once every twelve hours until deadline December 31st.

Here is a collage from my snapchat this Christmas. It’s been some busy christmas tables with lots of yummy food and great company. Now I’m off to pack for a small getaway cruise-trip to Copenhagen! Add me on snapchat, @lillehoang if you want to take part in my trip.


badge-semi-rosabadge-semi-green badge-semi-rosa




Newcomer of The Year – Best Outfit of The Day – Instagram of the Year



Thank you SO much! Our Friday evening was perfect. Vixen Blog Awards 2014 announced their semi finalists, and we can happily tell you that our blog is nominated to Newcomer Of The Year and Best Outfit Of the Day. Tsutsumi’s IG is also nominated for Best Instagram blogger! How fricken cool isn’t that?!? We’re talking about three categories here, all thanks to you.

After breathtaking 20 000 nominations from blogreaders, it caught us by surprise to be nominated. We first got the news that Tsutsumi was nominated for best Instagram and were thrilled. Suddenly when scrolling down the page it read “Giggles & Dimples” and we couldn’t help but scream our lungs out, jump up and down and whip our hair like there was no tomorrow. Every positivity seems to be a hundred times better when you have someone to share it with. Thank YOU!

♥ Best Outfit Of The day ♥

♥ Best Instagram Blog  ♥

♥ Newcomer of The Year ♥

Listed above are direct links to our category. There are ten semifinalists per category and after December 31st, the jury will pick five nominees to the final. It is totally up to you guys to vote, so we would be so happy if you could make one last effort and vote for us until deadline! When you’ve voted in each category, you can vote again after twelve hours. No adding your mail, no ads – just one click and you’re done!

Best Outfit of the Day is 100% based on votes from you regardless of the jury. In comparison to the bloggers that are in the same category, we go for a budget-friendly fashion which we hope can appeal and inspire the majority of fashion enthusiasts. There is also one award that is called “People’s Choice” which is awarded to the bloggers that have the most votes combined. This price is basically dedicated to you, which is pretty amazing. Thank you once again, you are fantastic and we are so grateful for your support ♥



Alexander Wang x HM Part III


When it was time, HM called for two maxi taxis and transported us to a secret place where the dinner would be at. It turned out to be at the White Lights Studio where they had rigged up an eating area for the occasion. We took pictures by the press wall, and got served drinks from the bar while waiting for the dinner to start. The food for the evening was provided from Piscoteket, a restaurant that will open in two weeks. It was a fantastic four-course dinner with lots of tasty wines. We recommend you to check this place out when it opens, because the Peruan taste that they add to the dishes was beyond amazing. So delicious and good looking!

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Alexander Wang x HM Part II

Our weekend started out at H&M showroom, where we got our hair & makeup done by the team from Gevir. We were six girls who got the privilege to style our own outfit from the collection. The photographer, Alexander Norheim, snapped away on the photoshoot, and after three hours the other guests arrived. We greeted and mingled with the guests and talked about the collection until it was time to be transported to a secret place for the Alexander Wang x HM Dinner & Party. More pictures from the heavenly food will be shared later 


We got served delicious sushi during the styling session and more than enough to drink from 4pm, hehehe


HippieHippieMilkshake’s adorable son with Alexander Wang’s boxing gloves. He’s a stunner!


Underneath this dress is an Alexander Wang tank top. It has a text print saying “This is an Alexander Wang Tank Top” which is invisible, but whenever you use it to the gym and sweat, the print will show. I don’t know about you, but I thought that was pretty cool!


Straight-out the coolest woman we’ve met so far. Jenny Skavlan had cornrows for the evening, chose pieces from the men’s collection and called herself a gangsta bitch. So funny and humble!


Hodo and Ida Helene representing the 730 crew. Our company for the evening