Two weeks ago, Alexandra and I got invited to Gaute’s birthday held at his restaurant Piscoteket. We have never visited the newly opened restaurant before, so we looked very forward to try out the food & check out the place. We were in great company during our stay and enjoyed ourselves to the max!


If you don’t recall the name, it’s the same restaurant that was in charge of the Alexander Wang x HM dinner. The three-course dinner was on point with a mixture of authentic Peruvian and Asian flavors. All in all, a very cool and intimate evening with lots of laughs and great food!

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Lately, seen through Insta


Pharrell Williams came to Norway and charmed his ways into our hearts. The Foxes were his warm-ups and the lead singer had the sweetest outfit on stage. We attended a shopping evening with Day by Malene Birger, and visited Ingensteds during the Light Festival.


Mr.Fish sushi restaurant newest maki, the Volcano! The fish is fresh with a lot of taste, and I recommend everyone to take a visit. Starbucks is always a win, and Mr. Bay always makes our tummies happy.


K O N G .


We visited KONG on a beautiful day for lunch. Since we arrived early we got the privilege of having seats right in front of the amazing skyline of Port De Neuf. Pretty spectacular view! I found out about KONG after reading reviews and it turned out that the restaurant was in one of the episodes in Sex and The City which made it a must go. I absolutely adored the unique concept that they carried. Very chic and great atmosphere along with the fantastic skyline. The food was OK. It wasn’t much of a variation on the lunch menu. I believe this place would be perfect for drinks and cocktails.


The last picture is not taken by me. This is how the restaurant looks like! We sat in the very middle upfront 🙂