Oh Shoot!

Yesterday Tsutsumi and I did a cool shoot for PepCall that’ll come out in a few days. We did say a lot of crap that doesn’t make sense, but I think it’s going to be very funny for you to watch. We always take pictures of each other, so it was really nice to be photographed by a professional.

IMG_0654-copyPhoto taken by Danby Choi

 Tomorrow at 11 am will Tsutsumi and I get interviewed live along with Marianne Jemtegård about blogging and Vixen Blog Awards. Watch it at TV 2 Nyhetskanalen if you want, and we’ll make sure to make a backstage post about it afterwards.


Vixen Blog Awards 2014

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We started our evening with an awesome pre-party thrown at Hotel Continental. This is the third time we visit the Hotel for blogger purposes and the prize we received for “Newcomer of the Year” is also a weekend stay at the Hotel, haha. We mingled with the other finalists until it was time for the show to start!

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The show was packed from beginning to end with lots of inspiring artists on stage. It was so cool to see our names on the screen when they presented the finalists. One year of blogging and we were nominated for three awards – that is pretty awesome! When the awards was over, it was time for after party at Seeds. It was so incredibly nice to be congratulated and we were truly the happiest chipmunks that night.

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Cheers for an awesome night!


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 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yesterday we were the happy winners of the award Newcomer of the Year 2014.

How ironic isn’t it that the newcomers had to open the show? We were nothing but a big blur when accepting our prize. Our hearts thumped, and the nervousness made our legs jelly. Tsutsumi was so shy she hid behind the bouquet the entire speech while I concentrated on not to fall while walking. We were caught in a so called blackout, cause it was so surreal. However, we managed to thank our readers something we find very important!

Newcomer of the Year is a prize with a bit of everything so in many ways was this an incredible price which we are very grateful to receive. One year of blogging have given us many memories and there are so much more to experience!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetphoto taken by Chioma Anugweje Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAlexandra’s OOTD: Cardigan Bik Bok Bralette Hunted Dreams Skirt Mango Footwear Tobi, get it here

Tsutsumi’s OOTD: Shirt Monki Bralette Tobi, get it here Skirt Hunted Dreams Shoes Bik Bok Purse Monki 
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The jury speech to the lucky winners was really sweet! Here is the translated version;

“Newcomer of the Year is the new shooting star to the blog heaven and is the blog that despite starting in 2013 first got it’s big debut last year. This blog is also nominated for Instagram of the Year – the place where it all started. With inspiring images, international appeal and large dimples – the chances are big that these sweet sisters will characterise the blog world in the future.”

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Thank you so much to all of you who voted and rooted for us. You truly motivate us to be better! Thank you Vixen for awarding us and for the lovely statuette. Thank you Khiet from Nikita for doing our hair for the awards. Thank you Chioma for the original hashtag #teamalexogtsu and being a proud lil mama. Thank You! 


IMG_9988 copy

First of, a BIG heartwarming THANK YOU to our amazing readers who have taken the time to vote for us. We are so excited and happy to tell you that we’re officially finalists in three categories: Instagram of The Year, Best Outfit of the Day and Newcomer of the Year. We are humble and grateful to have made it this far, and none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for your support. You motivate us to thrive, thank you for that!

IMG_0664 copyIMG_0531 copy

The Awards will be announced January 28th at a big event so we hope you look as much forward to it as we do! It is pretty surreal to go from just guests at the Awards to finalists. Now it’s up to the judges, but Best Outfit of The Day is 100% based on votes from readers, so you can still vote for us every day until the finals. So if you feel like we deserve it, vote HERE

IMG_9460 copyIMG_0586 copy

Now that Christmas and New Years are over, we can’t help but wish for the summer to arrive. These pictures are from our trip to Los Angeles last year.

IMG_9011 copyIMG_9268 copy

The weekend is packed with a trip to the mountains. It’s been years since the last time so we’re very excited! Did we just hear spa and dog sled riding? 2015 is looking’ good!


Tsutsumi and Alexandra



Thank you SO much! Our Friday evening was perfect. Vixen Blog Awards 2014 announced their semi finalists, and we can happily tell you that our blog is nominated to Newcomer Of The Year and Best Outfit Of the Day. Tsutsumi’s IG is also nominated for Best Instagram blogger! How fricken cool isn’t that?!? We’re talking about three categories here, all thanks to you.

After breathtaking 20 000 nominations from blogreaders, it caught us by surprise to be nominated. We first got the news that Tsutsumi was nominated for best Instagram and were thrilled. Suddenly when scrolling down the page it read “Giggles & Dimples” and we couldn’t help but scream our lungs out, jump up and down and whip our hair like there was no tomorrow. Every positivity seems to be a hundred times better when you have someone to share it with. Thank YOU!

♥ Best Outfit Of The day ♥

♥ Best Instagram Blog  ♥

♥ Newcomer of The Year ♥

Listed above are direct links to our category. There are ten semifinalists per category and after December 31st, the jury will pick five nominees to the final. It is totally up to you guys to vote, so we would be so happy if you could make one last effort and vote for us until deadline! When you’ve voted in each category, you can vote again after twelve hours. No adding your mail, no ads – just one click and you’re done!

Best Outfit of the Day is 100% based on votes from you regardless of the jury. In comparison to the bloggers that are in the same category, we go for a budget-friendly fashion which we hope can appeal and inspire the majority of fashion enthusiasts. There is also one award that is called “People’s Choice” which is awarded to the bloggers that have the most votes combined. This price is basically dedicated to you, which is pretty amazing. Thank you once again, you are fantastic and we are so grateful for your support ♥



L A T E L Y // V I X E N

Hello guys! Alexandra speaking. I figured it was about time I update you with more than just daily ootds.. Since summer vacation ended I’ve been busy eating sushi, attending various events and working almost everyday. I have major appointments with my bed, cause I’ve been lacking a lot of sleep.

IMG_6619.JPGBy Malene Birger Event 

Sorbet got closed and it was duked for ICHI’s Grand Opening. I have always been a fan of receiving goodie bags, so it was a delight be in charge of the 150 goodiebags that was going to be handed out. It wasn’t as fun as I thought I would be, haha, so mucho creds to the people who makes hundreds of goodie bags everyday! However, today is my last day working at ICHI. Pretty sad, cause I’m unsure if I’ll ever have such great co-workers as the girls at ICHI and B.Young again ♥ 


I went on an interview for Bik Bok back in august, and I got the job! I don’t think it comes as a surprise for anyone that I absolutely LOVE Bik Bok, haha. I’ve always seen myself as the ultimate Bik Bok girl, and I believe Bik Bok is one of the best clothing stores that we have for girls here in Norway. During this exact time last year, I promised you to make a blog post about tips for job interviews, what to say and what to do… but I never really got around to doing it. I’m pretty sure there is a lot of teenagers who wants to work at Bik Bok, so I’m definitely gonna make a post about it this time. With that being said, my credit card is drained. When I was working for Sorbet and b.young I managed to save a lot of money, but working at Bik Bok really makes it hard for me to not run the whole store down.


We’ve been to VIXEN Blog Awards two years in a row now, and it has always been a really fun experience to be there as a guest surrounded by bloggers and good entertainment. Now that we are bloggers, we figured it would be cool to try-out on the nominations this year. If you think that we deserve a vote please feel free to nominate in whatever category you find fitting. It would make us really happy if you nominated our Instagram accounts for “Instagram Blogger of the Year”, and our blog gigglesndimples.com as “Newcomer Of The Year” or “Outfit of the Day” HERE. We promise to make a hair and makeup tutorial and everything you desire for the effort